Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Preview Post: Fairfield Park

Fairfield Park is a tiny park in Arcadia.  It must be mostly take up by the playground, and it sounds like it might have some old favorites (seesaw anyone?).

Fairfield Park
200 South Fairfield Ave ~ Arcadia, WI

Ski Slide Park

Park season is in full swing in this household!  Only a week out of school, and we're onto our third park of the summer.  They are such great free fun.  And with so many in the area, we can visit a different park every time for a brand new experience.

Our latest was Ski Slide Park in Ixonia.  Ski Slide Park seems to be centered on baseball.  There are multiple diamonds, as well as a football field.  However, there was also a playground - presumably to entertain the kids who are not playing in the games!

It was not huge, but it kept the kids' attention for a good half hour.  The climber is a nice, sturdy Little Tykes.  Unfortunately, since the bedding of the playground is all sand, it has taken its toll on a couple of the features.  For example, there is a periscope that looks like it would be really neat, but it is all scratched and clouded with sand.

Our favorite features, the "telephone" system and the plastic dinosaur.

Downfalls to this park:
1. As you can see in the picture, there was a lot of trash.  Again, this is a baseball park.  You can tell many kids are set loose with treats from the concession stands and just dump the wrappers while they play.

2.  You can't get at the bathrooms unless there is an event happening.  We were really lucky because there happened to be a super nice guy there mowing the lawn who let us into the building to use the bathrooms, but for the most part you would be out of luck.

Ski Slide Park is a fine stop to get a little energy out if you are in the area, but we will probably not seek it out again.

Ski Slide Park
N7935 Ski Slide Rd ~ Ixonia, WI

Harnischfeger Park

Harnischfeger is a Dodge County park outside of Ixonia.  This park has a LOT to do, although not much of it was open and available when we were there.  I'm not sure if that was because we were there right at 8:00 when it technically opened or because we were in the middle of the week.  Or if a lot of it just is not offered a lot of the time.

We were pretty excited about the board walk.  But it was closed off.
 The playground was available to use.  There were three small climbers, a rock wall, and swings.  There is also an old-fashioned jungle gym, which was kind of fun.  For the most part, everything seemed to be in pretty good repair.  Although the ground could use a fresh covering.  It is beginning to grow over with weeds.

Harnischfeger park is also home to kayak/canoe rentals, fishing, and mini golf.  There are also nature trails.

There are quite a few shelters available to rent.  They also have sand volleyball and a ball diamond.  It would be a great place for a family reunion!

Onsite camping also means there are bathrooms available.

Harischfeger Park
W3048 Crawfish Rd ~ Ixonia, WI

Lebanon Firemen's Park

Little Lebanon is home to this great Firemen's Park.  It is very large and has something for everyone. 

 There are multiple enclosed shelters available to rent, but there is also this large open shelter that is great for picnics.

The playground equipment is well-kept.
 There are two different climbers, one intended for younger kids and one for older, but my kids enjoy both equally.

 A classic favorite is the racing slides:)
There are sand volleyball courts and a ball diamond.  I believe there is also a nature trail, though we haven't explored that yet.

Another plus: the bathrooms are usually open.

Lebanon Firemen's Park
N2050 County Road R ~ Lebanon, WI

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Preview Post: Schultz Park

Schultz Park is a park in Arcadia with a playground and a pond.

Schultz Park
213 Willow Street ~ Arcadia, WI

Preview Post: Schank Park

Schank Park is in Arcadia.  From what I can tell, this park is a soccer field and pavilion. 

Has anyone been here?  Is there a playground?

Schank Park
503 Bautch Drive ~ Arcadia, WI

Preview Post: Vilas Hanson Park

Vilas Hanson Park is (I believe) the newest park in Arcadia.  There is a big shelter.  From what I can tell, that is all that is there.

Vilas Hanson Park
751 Truman Way ~ Arcadia, WI