Sunday, May 13, 2018

Preview Post: Schultz Park

Schultz Park is a park in Arcadia with a playground and a pond.

Schultz Park
213 Willow Street ~ Arcadia, WI

Preview Post: Schank Park

Schank Park is in Arcadia.  From what I can tell, this park is a soccer field and pavilion. 

Has anyone been here?  Is there a playground?

Schank Park
503 Bautch Drive ~ Arcadia, WI

Preview Post: Vilas Hanson Park

Vilas Hanson Park is (I believe) the newest park in Arcadia.  There is a big shelter.  From what I can tell, that is all that is there.

Vilas Hanson Park
751 Truman Way ~ Arcadia, WI

Preview Post: Klink Deer Park

Rudy Klink Deer Park in Arcadia actually has a deer enclosure!  This is the first municipal deer park I have come across.

Along with the deer enclosure, there is a playground.

Klink Deer Park
610 W River Street ~ Arcadia, WI

Preview Post: Memorial Park

Memorial Park looks like Arcadia's crowning jewel of parks.  It is a large park with various war memorials.  There are also tributes to the area's history.

Beside the more serious aspects of this park, there is also a community-built playground and various athletic facilities. 

This sounds like a super nice park.  I'm looking forward to checking it out with the family.

Memorial Park
551 Memorial Drive ~ Arcadia, WI

Preview Post: Killian's Children Park

Killian's Children Park is in Arcadia.  It has a wooden playset and mostly green space.

Killian's Children Park
Hillview Drive ~ Arcadia, WI

Preview Post: Dettloff Park

Dettloff Park in Arcadia has a playground and a basketball court.  It sounds like most of it is open area.

Dettloff Park
200 Fairfield Park ~ Arcadia, WI