Saturday, October 28, 2017

Preview Post: Hoover Park

The first thing I noticed about Hoover Park in Appleton is that it looks like a very sandy park.  Sand is my least favorite playground item! Haha, but the kids love it.  The playground looks like it is on sand, and there is a ball diamond too.  There's also a picnic shelter with bathrooms.

Hoover Park
600 East Roeland Avenue ~ Appleton, WI

Preview Post: Highview Park

Highview Park in Appleton is essentially a playground and a picnic shelter with lots of green space.

Highview Park
100 West Wayfarer Lane ~ Appleton, WI

Preview Post: Green Meadows Park

Green Meadows Park is a relatively small park in Appleton.  There is a playground, picnic shelter, and a ball diamond.

Green Meadows Park
65 Pheasant Court - Appleton, WI

Preview Post: Einstein Park

Einstein Park in Appleton looks to be designed mostly around athletics, but there is a playground.  There are restrooms available.

Einstein Park
3200 North Durkee Street ~ Appleton, WI

Preview Post: Derks Park

Derks Park in Appleton has a playground with one of those bases that is essentially a giant rubber mat.  There is also what looks like a very nice picnic shelter with bathrooms.

Derks Park
3220 East Guyette Street ~ Appleton, WI

Preview Post: Colony Oaks Park

Colony Oaks Park is a park in Appleton.  There is a nice covered picnic shelter with bathrooms.  There is also an accessible playground, as well as tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts.

Colony Oaks Park
801 North Briar Cliff Drive ~ Appleton, WI

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Preview Post: City Park

City Park in Appleton has a playground and a pavilion.  There are bathrooms too, but I don't know if they are open all the time or only for special events.  There are also tennis courts.

City Park
500 East Franklin Street ~ Appleton, WI