Sunday, September 10, 2017

Preview Post: City Park

City Park in Appleton has a playground and a pavilion.  There are bathrooms too, but I don't know if they are open all the time or only for special events.  There are also tennis courts.

City Park
500 East Franklin Street ~ Appleton, WI

Preview Post: Arbutus Park

Arbutus Park in Appleton looks to be a playground and a grassy area.  There are picnic tables, but no shelter.  There are also no restrooms.

Arbutus Park
501 West Atlantic Street ~ Appleton, WI

Preview Post: Alicia Park

Alicia Park looks like a nice neighborhood park for kids.  There is a full pavilion and handicapped-accessible playground. There are bathrooms, but I am not sure if they are open all the time or only with rental of the pavilion.

Alicia Park
1301 Cedar Street ~ Appleton, WI

Circus World Museum

Circus World Museum is Baraboo's most famous tourist attraction.  We got lucky enough to get a coupon through the library's summer reading program, and the younger kiddo was free, so that worked out well for us too.

We started out by walking through the museum, which was lots of fun because many of the exhibits are interactive.  I will say a few of them seem to be getting a little bit run down, but still fun and still worked.

Our next stop was the tiger show.  It was quite amazing.  I think the adults were even more impressed than the kids.

The circus definitely abounds throughout the grounds.
 There are remnants of the big top glory days...
 and current action to take in.
Our whole family's favorite part was the live circus - with elephants!  There were plenty of animal acts as well as human.
It was a great day of fun for the whole family.  It could definitely get expensive because there were lots of (pricey) extras to add on once you are in the place, but the shows were all included.

I do believe the shows are contracted, so they change from year to year.

Circus World
550 Water Street ~ Baraboo, WI ~ (866) 693-1500
Admission: varies by season (closed Nov-Feb): $9.95-$19.95/adult, $8.95-$17.95/senior, $4.95-$9.95/child (5-11), free/under 5

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Regner Park

Regner Park is a large park in West Bend.  It looks like they have a LOT to offer, but we went there to swim.

I will start by saying it was a really nice beach and splash pad.  It is a man-made pond with lifeguards.  There began the less desirable qualities.  I am all for safety, but this place seemed little over-the-top.  Kids under....5? 6? (I'm not sure because the prerecorded repeating announcement contradicted itself) are required to be within arm's reach of their guardian.  Seems like a reasonable request, right?  Except the "kiddie" area of this beach is VERY shallow VERY far in.  I do not need to stand in water up to my ankles to keep my child within arm's reach.  I can sit on the beach and watch her safely. Yes, I know kids can drown in 2 inches of water, but in the very slim chance her face went in and didn't pop right back out, I could easily stand up and run to grab her in plenty of time.  And even kids with flotation devices are not allowed to go past their armpits without passing a swim test.  Now HERE is where the arm's reach rule would actually make sense to me.  If she's past her armpits I should be able to reach her.  But no matter because she can't go there anyway.  And flotation devices aren't allowed outside of the very shallow kiddie area, so...? Don't worry, if you even think about doing something that might not be allowed, a lifeguard will start yelling through a megaphone from their chair.  You can't entirely understand them sometimes, and you usually have no idea whether they are yelling at you or someone else, but there is a lot of yelling none-the-less.

Overall, the kids really did enjoy themselves, and it was a nice clean place.  And I will say I'm sure they almost never have any incidents.  I just found it to be a little bit stressful.  I was looking forward to be able to relax a bit knowing there were lifeguards watching, but it felt to me more like I was constantly on edge trying to make sure we weren't getting in trouble.  It would probably also be better if you went there a few times and were more familiar with the expectations.

In the winter, the pond turns into a skating rink, which sounds fun.

Also at the park: playgrounds, trails, a fishing pond, and sport fields.  There is a labrynth garden, too!  I wish I would have known, because I would definitely have dragged my kiddo there to check it out.

Would I go back to explore the park some more?  Absolutely!  Would I take my kids swimming there again?  No.

Regner Park
800 N Main Street ~ West Bend, WI ~ (262)335-5087
Admission: for swimming $4/adult, $3/child, 2&under free

Traxler Park

We attended a party this summer at Traxler Park in Janesville.  It was a great venue, and we had a lot of fun!

The playground area was separated into sections, giving us lots of room to play and explore.  Even the adults had to try out some of the unique equipment we found here!

The bathrooms were pretty nice.  I assume they are usually open, but it may just have been for the party.

One note of caution: this park is on the water, so it's something to keep an eye on, but the playground was not close enough to cause us much concern.  There is a water-skiing team that performs at the park that would be pretty fun to check out too.

Traxler Park
600 N Main St ~ Janesville, WI ~ (608)755-3025

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bay Beach Amusement Park

Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay is a great place to take the family!

There are rides for all ages, from kiddie rides to roller coaster.

The best part about Bay Beach, though, is the price.  Tickets are only 25 cents each, and most of the rides are only one or two tickets.  We bought $20 for our family of 2 adults and 2 littles, and we brought more than half of them home with us.  (Don't worry - they don't expire!)

Bay Beach Amusement Park
1313 Bay Beach Rd ~ Green Bay, WI ~ (920) 448-3365
Admission: No admission, 25 cents/ticket