Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Preview Post: AmericInn Waterpark

The AmericInn in Ashland has an indoor waterpark.  It doesn't look like it's huge, but it might be a fun way to spend an afternoon.  From pictures I can find, it looks like there are two decent water slides and a splash area.  They do have day passes available.

AmericInn SplAshland
3009 Lake Shore Drive E ~ Ashland, WI
Admission: $10

Candy Cane Park

Candy Cane Park is what the city of Hartford calls a "mini" park.  Accurate.  It is definitely tiny. 

There is a one-person climber, a couple of swings, and a sand box.  The kids were pretty unimpressed, but they did play for a bit in the sandbox.

Candy Cane Park
526 East Lincoln Ave ~ Hartford, WI

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ashippun Community Park

After finding the Fireman's Park to be a dud, we were pretty stoked to discover the Ashippun Community Park nearby.

The equipment was in great shape.  A lot of it looked almost new.  I may have even tried some of it out myself...

We enjoyed all of the different climbing activities.  I think the favorite, though, were the old-fashioned bouncing toys.

There are bathrooms, but they were locked when we were there.  I'm thinking they are probably only open for events.

Ashippun Community Park
W2520 Elm Street ~ Ashippun, WI

Ashippun Fireman's Park

When we visited the Ashippun Fireman's Park, we did not even get out of the car.  While it would have been a nice place to practice baseball or play kickball, but that's all there was.  We were disappointed that at a nice big park like that there was no playground.

Ashippun Fireman's Park
W2665 Oak Street ~ Ashippun, WI

Ixonia Fireman's Park

We visited the Ixonia Fireman's Park and enjoyed playing on the playground.  It's not huge, but plenty of fun.

The main playground felt a little bit old-fashioned, but it didn't seem to bother any of the kids that were there.

There is also a small handicapped-accessible addition.  This equipment looked fairly new, and my non-handicapped children enjoyed that too.  We were able to have a nice discussion about how other kids might be able to use the items at that playground too.

We lucked out and found the bookmobile there!  We got to listen to a guest reader at the park!  They set up under a very large covered picnic area.

All in all, we enjoyed the Ixonia Fireman's Park.

 Ixonia Fireman's Park
N8345 Park St ~ Ixonia, WI

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Preview Post: Fairfield Park

Fairfield Park is a tiny park in Arcadia.  It must be mostly take up by the playground, and it sounds like it might have some old favorites (seesaw anyone?).

Fairfield Park
200 South Fairfield Ave ~ Arcadia, WI

Ski Slide Park

Park season is in full swing in this household!  Only a week out of school, and we're onto our third park of the summer.  They are such great free fun.  And with so many in the area, we can visit a different park every time for a brand new experience.

Our latest was Ski Slide Park in Ixonia.  Ski Slide Park seems to be centered on baseball.  There are multiple diamonds, as well as a football field.  However, there was also a playground - presumably to entertain the kids who are not playing in the games!

It was not huge, but it kept the kids' attention for a good half hour.  The climber is a nice, sturdy Little Tykes.  Unfortunately, since the bedding of the playground is all sand, it has taken its toll on a couple of the features.  For example, there is a periscope that looks like it would be really neat, but it is all scratched and clouded with sand.

Our favorite features, the "telephone" system and the plastic dinosaur.

Downfalls to this park:
1. As you can see in the picture, there was a lot of trash.  Again, this is a baseball park.  You can tell many kids are set loose with treats from the concession stands and just dump the wrappers while they play.

2.  You can't get at the bathrooms unless there is an event happening.  We were really lucky because there happened to be a super nice guy there mowing the lawn who let us into the building to use the bathrooms, but for the most part you would be out of luck.

Ski Slide Park is a fine stop to get a little energy out if you are in the area, but we will probably not seek it out again.

Ski Slide Park
N7935 Ski Slide Rd ~ Ixonia, WI