Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Preview Post: Rieck's Lake Park

Rieck's Lake Park sounds like a great smaller alternative to the nearby Merrick State Park.  Rieck's Lake also has a (non-reservable) campground.  There is plenty of walking, and the park is home to a sheltered picnic area.  The playground has your average climber with a couple of slides and a few old-school pieces of equipment as well.  Plus, there's a ball diamond!

Rieck's Lake Park
North of Alma on State Highway 35 ~ Alma, WI ~ (608) 685-3330

Preview Post: Merrick State Park

Merrick State Park houses a campground on the Mississippi River.  It sounds great!  It's a big park with lots of trails.  They also have canoe rentals.

There are multiple picnic areas; some are reservable.  The park also has a playground.

Merrick State Park would be a great place to take the family for the weekend!

Merrick State Park
S2965 State Road 35 ~ Fountain City, WI ~ (608) 687-4936
Admission: A state park vehicle pass is required.  Daily ($7) or Annual ($25) passes are available.  They cost slightly more for out-of-state vehicles.

Preview Post: Castlerock Museum

This looks to be a unique museum.  Totally fascinating for kids who are interested, complete boredom for those who are not.  Castlerock is an armory museum with a wide array of old metal gear.  This is the kind of place I would stop if we needed a break on a road trip.  Or I would send my husband with the child who was interested if we happened to be in the area ;-)

Castlerock Museum
402 S 2nd St ~ Alma, WI ~ (608) 685-4231
Admission: $6 Adults, $4 Children, Under 4 Free

Preview Post: Buena Vista Park

This sounds like a great little park with quite a view!  I found a description on the Wings Over Alma website.  It sounds like a nice little spot for a picnic.  There are benches and a bit of a playground.  Restrooms are listed, but not sure if they're built or portable.

Buena Vista Park
Cty Rd E ~ Alma, WI

Preview Post: Alma Public Beach

So...Alma Public Beach.  I'm having a really hard time finding anything about the beach!  Anyone been there?  I think I found just one or two pictures, and if they really are the same beach, it looks like it would be nice for wading and playing in the sand.  Check it out and let me know!

Alma Public Beach
1 Mile north of Alma ~ Alma, WI

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Preview Post: Alma Area Museum

The Alma Area Museum is run the by the Alma Historical Society.  It's in the old teacher's college, which I think would be a neat building to see, even without the stuff inside!  It's hard to tell from their website what kinds of displays they have exactly, but I do see something about loggers, which could be neat.  It looks to be less hands-on and more of your typical historical displays.  Probably a neat little pit stop, but I wouldn't make a special trip just to visit.

Alma Area Museum
505 S 2nd St ~ Alma, WI
Admission: free