Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Riverside Park

Riverside Park is the main park in Watertown.  The prize feature is the community-built playground.

There are areas designated for different age groups, but really both of my two were very able to enjoy the whole thing.  There are slides, ramps, swings, bridges, stairs, and more!

Aside from this playground, there are paths to walk and ducks to feed.  There is also another smaller playground in a different area of the park.

There are bathrooms as well.

Riverside Park
812 Labaree Street ~ Watertown, WI

Grinwald Park

There is not much to Grinwald Park in Watertown.  It is really just a soccer park.

This is pretty much it.  If you are looking for big open grass, this is your place.  If you are looking for an hour of time where YOU don't have to entertain the kids, try somewhere else!

Grinwald Park
760 Milford Street ~ Watertown, WI

Timothy Johnson Park

Timothy Johnson Park is in Watertown.  It is a fairly generic park, but we had fun there.

It was well-visited while we were there.  It definitely wasn't overrun with children, but I get the idea that when you are there playing, chances are you will get to interact with other kids too.

Timothy Johnson has two climbers, one designed for young children, one for older.  There is also a nice covered picnic shelter with bathrooms and a bubbler! 

Timothy Johnson Park
1115 Oak Street ~ Watertown, WI

Monday, August 8, 2016

YMCA at Pabst Farm

The YMCA at Pabst Farm houses an aquatic facility that is great for young swimmers.  There is a small climber, zero depth entry, and a water slide.

The toddler/preschool crowd enjoyed themselves.  I think kids much older might be less impressed.

This is a nice place, but the price seemed a bit steep for swimming.  In all fairness, we really didn't use any of the rest of the facilities, so maybe it could have been more worth it.  I felt like there were more economical options as far as swimming goes.

YMCA at Pabst Farms
1750 East Valley Rd ~ Oconomowoc, WI ~ (262)567-7251
Admission: $8-$21/day, depending on age

Imagination Station @ Roosevelt Park

Imagination Station is a "universally accessible" playground.  They have equipment for children with all degrees of abilities, which means they also have some items you may not normally come across in playgrounds.

There is an enormous climbing structure, as well as outlying pieces of equipment.

My toddler's favorite part was the area modeled after a train.  My preschooler had a blast running through the structure and zooming down the slides.

The kiddos loved this playground!  I think they easily could have stayed for hours, though we got rained out:)  There was so much to explore!

There were bathroom facilities.

Imagination Station
110 E Forest St ~ Oconomowoc, WI