Thursday, January 1, 2015

Peck's Farm Market

We decided to try somewhere new this year for our annual pumpkin-ing.  My hubby does a lot of driving around the state and came across Peck's in Spring Green.  We thought it might be worth checking out.

There are actually two different, separately-run businesses in Spring Green that use the Peck's name: Peck's Farm Market East and Peck's Farm Market West.  They both have large markets selling their produce and lots of family-friendly activities.  We tried the West market first.

They have a very large, spread-out zoo-type area.  It reminded me of a petting zoo; the animals aren't necessarily to pet, although there are pellet vending machines so you can feed some of them. 

Intermixed with the animal pens are some wooden and metal sculptural structures my kiddo enjoyed climbing around on.  There are also a few shacks you can wander in that were all decorated for Halloween when we were there.

We had lots of fun in the playground area, too!  It is definitely a random assortment of play toys and equipment.

Along with all of those free activities, they have other things you could pay to do, including a "train" ride and a very large separate play area.  The play area did look like it has some more exciting things that would be lots of fun, but when we first got there it wasn't open, and then we were heading over to the other Peck's, so we didn't go in to try it.

Peck's Farm Market East was our second attraction of the day.  They also have a zoo area.  It is much more condensed than Peck's West, but there is a much broader variety of animals - including these large critters!
They also offer activities, such as a bounce house, "train" rides, and horse-drawn wagon rides.  Unlike Peck's West, these are mostly offered free of charge.  I believe the corn maze was the only one that costs money.

Here's my take-away from the two Peck's Markets:

Peck's Farm Market East has more to do, especially if you're looking for a free family outing, but it was also much more crowded, and there were things we may have done if the wait in line was not nearly so long.

Peck's Farm Market West was a bit more fun for my kiddo, I think, because she was actually able to just keep exploring and playing.  There was really not much waiting involved, and she didn't seem too bothered that we didn't participate in the activities that cost money.

Happy harvesting!

Peck's Farm Market East
6445 Hwy 14 ~ Spring Green, WI ~ (608) 588-7177
Admission: Free with additional add-ons available

Peck's Farm Market West
E3217 Hwy 14 & 60 ~ Spring Green, WI - (608) 583-4977
Admission: Free with additional add-ons available

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