Saturday, June 18, 2016

Preview Post: It's All Good Farm

It's All Good Farm is a farm stand and petting zoo just outside of Antigo.  It sounds like they have all your standard petting zoo animals, as well as opportunities to feed some of them.  They have pony rides and supposedly COW rides!  Plus, they have some really cool events; I am so disappointed I can't get to their Super ZOO Splash Weekend.  They are setting up pools and slip'n'slides!

If you are in the area, be sure to check them out.

It's All Good Farm
2 miles North of Fleet Farm (seriously, that's the only address they'll give!) ~ Antigo, WI ~ 715-701-0713
Admission: $2/over 6, $4/family, extra for rides

Preview Post: Clara R. McKenna Aquatic Center

The Clara R. McKenna Aquatic Center is the community pool in Antigo.  It is an indoor facility with a zero-depth entry pool and a water slide.  It looks like there are splash features as well.  I would definitely try this place out, rain or shine!

Clara R. McKenna Aquatic Center
111 Western Avenue ~ Antigo, WI ~ 715-627-0497
Admission: $3/student, $5/adult, $11/family

Deer Trail Park

Deer Trail Park in Watertown is a neighborhood park in the middle of a subdivision.

 There are two play sets (one larger, one smaller), along with a couple of more unique features, such as this ball maze.

It definitely was entertaining for my little guy, but this park struck me as a lot of fun for older kids.  There were quite a few different climbing apparatuses.

This park also has a very ample lawn area.

If you're lucky enough to be there on the right day, you may even get the bonus entertainment of watching a TRUCK come and pump out the port-a-potty!  Highlight of the trip for my toddler:)

Obviously, there is a port-a-potty onsite.

Deer Trail Park
603 Deer Trail ~ Watertown, WI

Rock River Gymnastics Center

Rock River Gymnastics Center offers lots of gymnastics lesson, but they also hold regular open gyms when anyone can go play.  Both of my kiddos love to go run and jump!

It is actually inside a warehouse.

They built a platform where the trampolines are.

Rock River also has certain open gyms times just for young children.  There can play without getting trampled!

Here's my little tyke getting ready to run & "jump" (aka "fall") into the foam pit.  He loved having run of the place!

Rock River Gymnastics Center
1202 Wakoka St ~ Watertown, WI ~ 920-390-4562
Admission: $5-$9 depending on membership & age

Glacier Rock Farms

Glacier Rock Farms is a petting zoo outside of Lebanon.

There were lots of animals to pet - you could feed some of them too!

The farm has a separate area for small animals.  When we were there, they also had some ducklings that the kids could try holding.

They also had some extra activities (for an extra price).  We went on a hay ride, and my kiddo was pretty thrilled to use her own money to ride the pony.

You can also pan for gems and try milking a cow.

Glacier Rock Farms also frequently holds events on the weekend.  We went for Mother's Day, so they had a craft for the kids.

There are port-a-potties.

Glacier Rock Farms
N1255 Hoard Rd ~ Lebanon, WI ~ 920-273-0612