Sunday, May 24, 2015

Preview Post: Lake Altoona County Park

Lake Altoona County Park is home to the Altoona Beach.  The beach features volleyball and lots of sand to play in.  There is no lifeguard on duty.

There is a playground and a picnic shelter.  And bathrooms!

Lake Altoona County Park
604 Beach Rd ~ Altoona, WI
Admission: $3/vehicle or $25 for an annual pass good for the Eau Claire County Park system

Preview Post: Hillcrest Park

Hillcrest Park is Altoona's largest park.  With 65 acres to check out, there is lots to see and do!  A creek runs through the park, as well as walking trails.  There is a playground and a pavilion, but no bathrooms.

Hillcrest Park
US Hwy 12 ~ Altoona, WI

Preview Post: Centennial Park

Centennial Park sounds like a fun place to go exploring.  There isn't anything built there, but there are some trails, and you are free to wander wherever those little hearts desire.  Throw on some bug spray and see what you can find in the woods and creek.

Centennial Park
Spooner Avenue ~ Altoona, WI

Preview Post: Highland Park

Altoona's Highland Park is pretty small.  There is some nice picnic space with a covered eating area and some grass for running around.  It says they have a playground, but it must be pretty small because I'm not seeing it from any angle on Google Maps.  There are no bathrooms!  Personally, I think I'd try one of Altoona's other parks first.

Highland Park
Vernon Street ~ Altoona, WI

Preview Post: Devney Park

Devney Park in Altoona is a small park.  It has a picnic shelter and bathrooms.  There is a small playground, as well as a baseball diamond, basketball court, and tennis court.

Devney Park
Devney Drive ~ Altoona, WI

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Preview Post: Cinder City Park

Cinder City Park is one of Altoona's larger park.  It mostly features baseball diamonds.  There is a small picnic shelter, and there's supposedly a playground hiding in there somewhere as well.  Bathrooms as well!

Cinder City Park
10th Street West ~ Altoona, WI

Preview Post: Altoona City Park

Altoona City Park looks like a nice little place to stop and play for a couple of hours.  They have two totally separate playsets geared toward different age groups.  There are also bathrooms and a picnic shelter, plus a really nice set of tennis courts if that's your family's thing.

Altoona City Park
Bartlett Avenue & 10th Street West ~ Altoona, WI

Preview Post: Lake Front Park

Lake Front Park is billed as a handicapped-accessible park.  There is no playground, but there are restrooms, so it sounds like a great place to feed the ducks, if you ask me!  Does anyone who's been here have any thoughts?

Lake Front Park
Kewin Street ~ Altoona, WI