Monday, November 28, 2016

Preview Post: Funset Boulevard

Funset Boulevard is essentially a (mostly) indoor entertainment park in Appleton.  There are arcade games, laser tag, an indoor playground, mini-golf, bumper cars, a carousel, and a train.  It's pay as you go, but they do offer a couple of package/wristband options as well.  If you're trying to get out of the house on a yucky day, it's worth checking out.

Funset Boulevard
3916 W College Avenue ~ Appleton, WI ~ (920) 993-0909
Admission: train ride starts at $1.50, and it all goes up from there

Preview Post: The Fire

The Fire is a glaze-your-own pottery studio in Appleton.  They boast projects for any age, but also offer play accommodations for the youngest visitors.  They offer events, but you can also just walk in.

The Fire
230 E. College Avenue ~ Appleton, WI ~ (920) 882-2920
Admission: Projects start at $5

Preview Post: Sky Zone

Sky Zone is a trampoline park in Appleton.  They provide quite a few different trampoline activities, but the most family-friendly look to be open jump time and toddler time.  Toddler time gives the itty bitties a chance to have some fun without parents having to worry about them getting trampled.

Sky Zone
3169 Van Roy Road ~ Appleton, WI ~ (920) 351-4441
Admission: $9/half hour, $15/unlimited ***You must also buy $2 SkySock that can be reused***

Building for Kids

The Building for Kids is a children's museum in Appleton.  I remember going there when I was a kid and was so excited to take my own children there!  Of course, much of it has changed, and most of my favorites were gone, but they have been replaced with hours of fun for the new generation.

There is a giant tree house to explore...

Games to play...

Real-life equipment to try out...

And a baby/toddler area to roam freely.

There is really plenty to do to take an entire day.  They encourage you to bring a lunch, but they also give hand stamps for re-entry if you'd prefer to find lunch somewhere else.

My littles had so much fun here, and were not at all ready to go when we dragged them out the door!

Building for Kids
100 W College Avenue ~ Appleton, WI ~ (920)734-3226
Admission: $7.50/ages 1-64, $6.50/senior citizen, under 1 free

Preview Post: Escape Room

So I tend to veer toward activities I have done or could do with my own children, but I had to include this for the older set.  I have not been to the Escape Room in Appleton or Green Bay, but my husband and I did a similar variation at a different location, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  I'm glad I checked into the ages, because I cannot WAIT to take my kiddo when she's old enough.  I will say, I think there would need to be some intense prepping and careful selection of the scenario, but I think kids who are into puzzles could really get a kick out of working on a "grown-up" puzzle with their parents.

The Escape Room allows kids ages 10 & up (accompanied by an adult), but I do think it may take a fairly brave 10 year old to not get freaked out about being "locked" (not really, but it does end the game if you leave) into a room.

Escape Room
2701 N. Oneida Street ~ Appleton, WI ~ (920)731-CLUE
985 Centennial Street – Green Bay, WI ~ (920)731-CLUE
Admission: $25-$30/person