Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wild Goose Park

This is not a park we would have easily stumbled upon, but I'm glad we discovered it!

It seems very new.  It is well-kept with a great bathroom facility, which was open when we were there.  The playground is bedded with shredded tire, so you may want to avoid wearing light-colored clothing.

I'm guessing the main attraction at this park is soccer games, based on the many fields at the park.  There are multiple covered picnic areas throughout the park.  Supposedly you can also camp here; we didn't see any camping area, though, admittedly, we were not here long.

The park is right on the Wild Goose Trail as well.

Wild Goose Park
401 N Hyland St ~ Juneau, WI

Point Beach State Forest

I believe the main draw to Point Beach is the camping.  That's why we were there!  There are many trails to explore. 

As the name suggests, the park also hosts beachfront on Lake Michigan.  I was a bit disappointed by the beach.  I remember going to the beach each year growing up, and it was a great sandy place to play.  There is still a narrow strip of sand, but I believe a few years ago the park began an initiative to allow the dunes to return to their more natural state, so most of the beach is now covered in beach grass and native plants.  Great for environmental promotion, but not so easy to find a place to lay out beach towels!  There is also a separate dog beach for those so inclined.

Toward the north end of the park's beach is a concession stand.  Just a short walk up from that is a playground.  There is not a whole lot there: a few wooden/metal structures, some swings, and a few picnic benches.  There is also a grass ball diamond.  What there is a lot of is open space.

Point Beach State Forest
9400 Cty Hwy O ~ Two Rivers, WI ~ 920-794-7480
Admission: A state park vehicle pass is required.  Daily ($7) or Annual ($25) passes are available.  They cost slightly more for out-of-state vehicles.

Juneau City Park

 We were so impressed by this park!  It seemed huge!  The first thing my kiddo HAD to do when we got there was the super-tall old-fashioned metal slide.  Whee!
 After the slide, we hit up the metal merry-go-round, and then it was onto the first climber (yes, I said first - as in, there are more than one!).  My kiddo really enjoyed the unique tunnel and tower on this climber.

After awhile, we headed over to the other climber.  I gather that this is the older of the two.  It doesn't have quite as much to do, but it was fun to have another place to play.

Then, of course, we had to take a ride in the Jeep.  And another ride.  Over. And. Over.  Fun times :)  We drove to outer space - you should be so lucky!

There was definitely a lot to explore at this park.

There are also swings and HUGE open, grassy, mostly-shaded areas.  They have two open picnic shelters, plus picnic areas around the park.

Across the street (not sure if it was technically part of the park) are multiple ball diamonds, volleyball courts, and some horseshoe pits.

There restroom facilities were also open when we were there.

My kiddo and I were quite impressed by this park, especially in a small town like Juneau.

Juneau City Park
Lincoln Dr ~ Juneau, WI

Reeseville Fireman's Park

This is a newer park, and (in my opinion) the much nicer of the two parks in Reeseville. 

Aside from this climber, there are swings and a sandbox.

My kiddo had lots of fun on this playground.  She especially enjoyed the talk tube, where she and I could whisper to each other from different spots on the playground.

My only caution about this playground is the shredded tire ground cover.  Nice for playing on, but it does leave black marks.

There is also a cute wooden bridge that crosses a creek to the baseball diamonds.  There is a large open picnic shelter and plenty of shaded space for running around. 

There were port-a-potties near the ball diamonds.

 Fireman's Park
406 N Main St ~ Reeseville, WI

Reeseville Mini Park

This little park on the edge of the village holds a small playground, a gazebo, a couple of picnic tables and a basketball hoop. 

The Mini Park seemed a bit run down to me.  There was a pile of wood chips on the edge of the park that I am assuming are waiting to be spread around the playground.  When we were there, it was packed dirt/sand around the play equipment.  In fact, we didn't even stay to play because throughout the whole equipment area, the ground was swarming with bees.  It was a bizarre phenomenon!  All the brown on the ground in the picture are actually bees.  I have no idea what caused this or whether it was a one-time deal that we just happened to catch, but I was not interested!

There are no restrooms onsite.

If you're in the area and looking for a place to play, I highly recommend skipping the Mini Park and heading over to the Fireman's Park!

Reeseville Mini Park
Approx. 250 Jackson St ~ Reeseville, WI

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ebert's Greenhouse Village

 Okay, so this is technically a place meant to sell plants, BUT you can definitely just go to play!  It is a large place with a "kid's village." 

The kid's village has a few small kid-sized buildings that are fun to play in.  There is a little schoolhouse, which we have gone into before, but this time it was locked. 

Inside the little barn, there are farm-themed toys as well as a toy kitchen area.

My personal favorite is the adorable bunny-themed playhouse set up a bit like a dollhouse with stuffed bunnies rather than dolls.  It also has a sandbox attached outside.

There are plenty of picnic tables, and we have seen outdoor toys around on occasion when we have been there as well.  Ebert's does also run quite a few events throughout the season.

Ebert's Greenhouse Village
W1795 Fox Rd ~ Ixonia, WI ~ 920-261-5645