Friday, December 30, 2016

Preview Post: Pony Playce

I kind of really wish Pony Playce existed when I was a little girl... It is a stable in Appleton that offers themed play dates with ponies.  What more is there to say??  It is by appointment only, so call ahead!

Pony Playce
N2757 Alphorn Lane ~ Appleton, WI ~(920) 931-2918
Admission: Prices start at $15

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Preview Post: Monkey Joe's

Monkey Joe's is an inflatable play center.  It looks like they have your typical slides and bounce houses.  I will say they have a pretty sweet-looking parent lounge!  They do recommend supervising your children at all times, but I am assuming if your kiddos are a bit older and able to do the run around-check in thing, it would be a nice place to chill.

Monkey Joe's
1800 N. Casaloma ~ Appleton, WI ~ (920) 954-5437
Admission: $5.99 for 2&under, $9.99/$10.99 per child depending on the day, Adults free

Preview Post: Xtreme Air

Xtreme Air is a trampoline and rock climbing park in Appleton.  They offer rock climbing (obviously) as well as a few different trampoline attractions.

There is a foam pit with a balance beam to joust on.  There is also a slam-dunk basketball area and a giant air bag to jump onto.  Of course, there are also lots of trampolines to do your own thing!

I find the laser maze intriguing. It looks to be a self-enclosed unit, so it must be pretty small, but I think it would be fun.

Xtreme Air
W3035 Edgewood Trail ~ Appleton, WI ~ (920) 903-8300
Admission: varies by age and attraction, prices start at $6/hour for toddler

Preview Post: Super Bowl Family Entertainment Center

Super Bowl in Appleton looks like a large bowling alley.  They boast some fancy, state-of-the-art scoring system.  It looks kind of fun, but I'm going to guess that bowling here is probably pretty similar to most large, modern alleys.  Has anyone been here?  Is there anything special about it?

Super Bowl Family Entertainment Center
2222 E Northland Ave ~ Appleton, WI ~ (920)739-9503
Admission: prices vary by party size and time