Monday, July 21, 2014

Hustisford Lions Park

We really enjoyed the Hustisford Lions Park.  It's a nice park right by the river.  The playground area is pretty well fenced from the river, but down the path there is open access. 

The playground had an interesting mix of the old-fashioned and the new.  Caution: the slides are all metal!  Not so leg-friendly on a hot, sunny day!  When we were there it was cool and cloudy, so we had a blast :)

 This was my kiddo's favorite play piece.  It was smaller than most, so it was easy for her to climb around on.

The playground is all sanded and has a sandbox to boot.  Along with a playground, there are tennis courts and a basketball court.  There are also lots of picnic areas and benches to watch the river.

There is a bathroom building, but I'm not sure how reliable that is.  When we were there, the women's door was locked, but the men's was open.

Hustisford Lions Park
Ann St ~ Hustisford, WI

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