Monday, September 5, 2016

The Children's Play Gallery

We once visited the Children's Play Gallery when it was in its old location.  They have expanded!  There is so much to do there now!
The first thing you see when you walk in is a giant pirate ship.  So fun!

Behind the pirate ship, there are more play areas.   There is a market, a kitchen, a veterinarian shop (think Doc McStuffins), a playhouse, and a slide - to get to & from the vet office, of course!  They also have a quieter area with books and Legos hiding back there behind the umbrella.

For the littler set, there is a closed-in play area designed just for them.  There are lots of just-right toys to climb and age-appropriate toys to play with.  It's also a nice place to let them move at their own place without worrying about protecting them from the big kids.

Moving into the back are of the Play Gallery are more themed play areas, starting with the construction center.
 There is available any tool or material a child could need to construct a fake structure:)  Plus, don't forget to dress the part!

Near the building area is an art center.  Again, this is completely closed in, so wayward wanderers don't create a mess before you catch them.

There were lots and lots of art supplies, as well as project ideas.

 Here is the science area.  Our favorite was the dinosaur scene, which has trees, grass, ponds and LOT of dinosaurs to move around.  There are magnetic letters and pattern shapes for the white board.  They also have magnifying glasses to examine bugs encased in clear blocks (ew!).  There are light-up table with building sets as well.

Upstairs, the Children's Play Gallery has an Imagination Playground (with the big blue blocks to build your own play structures).  Also housed on the top level are a lunch area and party rooms.

We found the experience to be well worth the price we paid.  Especially since they are one of the few children's museum-type places I have found where the ADULTS ARE FREE!

The whole place was very tidy and quite clean.  The employees were constantly walking through putting things away.  It also helps that there are no shoes allowed, so BRING SOCKS!  If you forget, though, they do have some to borrow!

You can carry in your own food, but they ask you only eat in the designated area.

I found The Children's Play Gallery to be a phenomenally family-friendly place.  I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

The Children's Play Gallery
126 East Wisconsin Avenue ~ Oconomowoc, WI ~ 262-354-0819
Admission: $10/1-18 years old, Adults & Under 1 Free, membership available

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