Friday, July 11, 2014

Watertown Bowl

Watertown Bowl 18 was a fun stop for a rainy morning!  We did a large family outing with all the cousins when we had some out-of-state visitors, and it was perfect!

As the name implies, there are 18 lanes.  We went mid-morning, mid-week, and there were plenty of lanes available, but we were definitely not the only ones there.  I was shocked they had bitty shoes to fit my kiddo and 6# balls she could carry, but they do not have any of the bowling ramps.  At least there are bumpers!  They were also very patient about retrieving the balls that didn't quite make it down the lane to the pins.

It is a fairly standard bowling alley.  The scoring is all computerized.  It is nicely kept and clean.  They also run some great open bowling specials.

There is another location as well: Watertown Bowl North.

Watertown Bowl
102 W. Cady St ~ Watertown, WI ~ 920-261-1796
Admission: Varies - under $5 per person per game, but cheaper if you play your cards right.  We bowled for just over $2 each (including shoes) on the daily special.

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