Thursday, August 7, 2014

Point Beach State Forest

I believe the main draw to Point Beach is the camping.  That's why we were there!  There are many trails to explore. 

As the name suggests, the park also hosts beachfront on Lake Michigan.  I was a bit disappointed by the beach.  I remember going to the beach each year growing up, and it was a great sandy place to play.  There is still a narrow strip of sand, but I believe a few years ago the park began an initiative to allow the dunes to return to their more natural state, so most of the beach is now covered in beach grass and native plants.  Great for environmental promotion, but not so easy to find a place to lay out beach towels!  There is also a separate dog beach for those so inclined.

Toward the north end of the park's beach is a concession stand.  Just a short walk up from that is a playground.  There is not a whole lot there: a few wooden/metal structures, some swings, and a few picnic benches.  There is also a grass ball diamond.  What there is a lot of is open space.

Point Beach State Forest
9400 Cty Hwy O ~ Two Rivers, WI ~ 920-794-7480
Admission: A state park vehicle pass is required.  Daily ($7) or Annual ($25) passes are available.  They cost slightly more for out-of-state vehicles.

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