Thursday, August 7, 2014

Juneau City Park

 We were so impressed by this park!  It seemed huge!  The first thing my kiddo HAD to do when we got there was the super-tall old-fashioned metal slide.  Whee!
 After the slide, we hit up the metal merry-go-round, and then it was onto the first climber (yes, I said first - as in, there are more than one!).  My kiddo really enjoyed the unique tunnel and tower on this climber.

After awhile, we headed over to the other climber.  I gather that this is the older of the two.  It doesn't have quite as much to do, but it was fun to have another place to play.

Then, of course, we had to take a ride in the Jeep.  And another ride.  Over. And. Over.  Fun times :)  We drove to outer space - you should be so lucky!

There was definitely a lot to explore at this park.

There are also swings and HUGE open, grassy, mostly-shaded areas.  They have two open picnic shelters, plus picnic areas around the park.

Across the street (not sure if it was technically part of the park) are multiple ball diamonds, volleyball courts, and some horseshoe pits.

There restroom facilities were also open when we were there.

My kiddo and I were quite impressed by this park, especially in a small town like Juneau.

Juneau City Park
Lincoln Dr ~ Juneau, WI

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