Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hickey Park

Juneau's Hickey Park is definitely a neighborhood park.

 We were the only ones there when we visited, but I felt a little bit like we were intruding.  There were toys left there, so it seems that there are neighborhood kids who play there regularly - which is awesome!  It just made me feel like we were in someone's backyard. 

That being said, no one said a word to us or did anything to make us feel unwelcome.

They had a very nice climber.  It was in good shape, could have been brand new.  It had a small slide, bumpy racing slides, a climbing wall, and two kinds of monkey bars.
There were also swings.
The playground is shredded tires.

We did not find any open bathrooms.

Hickey Park
341 Ridge Rd ~ Juneau, WI

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