Thursday, July 9, 2015

Brandt/Quirk Park

 Brandt/Quirk Park is Watertown's largest park...without a playground!

That being said, it really is a nice park.  There are soccer fields, a frisbee golf course, and baseball diamonds.

There are also walking trails throughout the park, which is what we did when we visited.  We've also been for a couple of baseball games.  There was a sand and water play area near the ball diamonds at one point, but I did not notice that when we were there for a game last night, so either they got rid of it or I just got lucky that my kiddo didn't find it:)

Dogs are allowed, but I have not come across any enclosures.  Anyone know if they have one?

The park has actual restrooms.

Brandt/Quirk Park
800 Carriage Hill Drive ~ Watertown, WI

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